Make Microsoft Word work better for you.

who is this for?

Graphic designers, bid and proposal writers, marketing and PR professionals, financial analysts, report writers... anyone who's been frustrated when using Microsoft Word and wants easier or faster ways of making editing or creating documents easier.

how does it work?

Essential Macros is a Microsoft Word template containing a custom ribbon and 23 macros. The macros are code written in Microsoft's own VBA language, which tell Word to perform a series of commands. They behave in the same way as all the built-in commands in Word, like when inserting a picture or formatting text with a style.


This means you do not have to install anything; just save the file in the right folder on your computer and you will be able to use the ribbon and macros (scroll down to "Important Notes" to see which folder for your operating system).

Once you restart Word, a new ribbon called "NLD Essential Macros" appears to the right of the Home tab. The buttons and macros can be used with any Word document on either the Windows or Mac operating systems.


Have a look at these videos to see a full demonstration of how each macro works.

Video demo of:

  • Change Selected Image

  • Reposition Image

  • Resize Images

  • Navigate Document

  • Insert Landscape Page

Video demo of:

  • Delete Landscape Page

  • Set Word Limit

  • Check Word Count

  • Reposition Shape

  • Paste Unformatted Text

Video demo of:​​

  • Lipsum Text Generator

  • Save File as PDF

  • Paste Whole Content
    from File

  • Paste Unformatted Text
    from File

  • Document Clean Up

Essential Macros by Natalie Lawrence Design is available to buy for £170.


You can pay via PayPal or, for non-UK buyers, via TransferWise (instructions will be sent after sale).

It is strongly advised that you check whether you are able (or have permission to) download and save/use this macro-enabled template. 

If buying for a company, its policy regarding macro-enabled templates; companies can disable enabling third-party macros on their Microsoft Office versions. If this is the case, you will not be able to use this file until this setting has been changed.

You will need to know where to save "Essential Macros" on your computer. If you don't know the location, this video and this PDF guide will explain for both Windows and Mac users. 

Multi-computer use:

Only one download per company is required. The same file can be installed on multiple computers within an organisation. 

Lipsum Text Generator - Mac users:

As you'll have seen from the third demo video above, Mac users will need the additional Lipsum Text file in order to use the Lipsum Text Generator macro. This will be supplied free of charge after purchase; please mark the option "Macros will be used on Mac computers" when buying the macro file.

After purchase:

Buyers will receive an email containing:

  1. the Essential Macros file

  2. instructions on where to save the file on a Windows or Mac computer

  3. a user guide and links to tutorial videos.

IT requirements:

"Essential Macros" was tested in Microsoft Office 365 (Windows and Mac) and has been written to be compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 and later versions. 

I encourage all users to test the Essential Macros out on non-essential documents first to familiarise themselves with the macros and save documents regularly. Send in any questions or report issues - give as much detail as possible. 


If buying for use on company devices, it is advised that buyers speak to the IT administrator or department prior to buying "Essential Macros". If your company has configured Microsoft Office to block all files that contain macros, this file will not work on affected Microsoft Word apps.

Natalie Lawrence Design is not a company of IT or networking professionals. If your firm has particular or complex IT network systems and specific requirements of where external files should be saved, you should consult your IT department before buying "Essential Macros". Natalie Lawrence Design cannot advise on an individual or company's IT issues.


On the purchase page, it is possible to ask for changes to the "Resize to A4" macros, if you use only US Letter or want to use both A4 and US. Please select either the "US" or "both" option and a different version will be sent to you.

For users who prefer to use measurements in inches (for the Resize and Reposition macros), please tick the "Measurement in inches" option on the purchase page.