Make Microsoft Word work better for you.


The tools are called macros and are a set of actions that are saved into one piece of code, which can be activated at a click of a button.

Do you get fed up having to find and delete extra empty paragraphs? Or having to continually resize images to fill a page? These macros will do these tasks and more for you quickly and easily.

I sell a collection called Essential Macros, which is available to buy and can be easily added on to a user's version of Microsoft Word, without any additional software or installation.

who ARE THEY for?

Anyone who's been frustrated when using Microsoft Word and wants easier or faster ways of making editing or creating documents easier!

how do THEY work?

Just like all the other features - press a button and Microsoft Word will do the work.

All you need to do is save the supplied Microsoft Word template into a specific folder (instructions are provided) and a new Essentials Macros tab is installed to your copy of Microsoft Word. 

There is no need to install software and the tab is easy to remove.

Simply place the supplied Microsoft Word template into a specific folder (instructions are provided) and the commands will be ready to use. 


Check out this video for the Standard collection: 

For a demo of the extra commands, view this video for the
Plus Collection.

All the commands have been tested on and are suitable for 
Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac operating systems.

can i add commands?

If you have specific requirements that you'd like to discuss, please do email with a brief description of what you're looking for and I'd be happy to discuss solutions for you.


Buyers will receive:

  1. the Essential Macros template.

  2. Instructions on where to save the file.

  3. a User Guide (MS Word) and links to videos. 

how do i buy these?

The Standard Collection costs GBP£30; the Plus collection costs GBP£60.


Click the button below - you'll need to read the pre-purchase notes first, then proceed to buying either the Standard or Plus collection.