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Education First needed two issues to be addressed for its corporate education arm Hult Ashridge's presentations:

  • Improve the quality and brand compliance of its presentations.

  • Improve the technical knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and understanding of what makes a good presentation.


The majority of my work consisted of transferring existing presentations into the existing template. We used this as a chance to review what material people were producing for their online lectures and adapted the template by providing more slide layouts. We also collaborated in producing guides that helped to inform Hult Ashridge presentation producers on how to design a slide and what assets to use.

Part of this work involved redesigning existing slides and providing people with options and examples of how to design particular slides. A Before-and-After video is shown below.

The other part of the project consisted of running training sessions, encouraging presenters to think of new ways of presenting their information, asking questions of their slides and introducing features such as the Morph transition and how it can help them.

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