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How to find your Startup Folder (Microsoft Word for PC)

Updated: Mar 1

If you're working with me on a macro-enabled template/add-in or a Building Blocks file, you'll need to know where your Startup folder is.

This video shows an easy way of finding it:

Alternatively, follow these steps:

  • In Word, go to the File menu, then select Options.

  • Click on "Trust-Center" - it's the last option on the left of the dialog box.

  • Press the "Trust Center Settings" button.

  • Click on "Trusted Locations" - it's the 2nd option from the top, on the left of the dialog box.

  • You may see a list of file paths in the middle of the dialog box. In the Description column, look for the words "Word default location: StartUp".

  • Select the row with those words and click the Modify button (just above the Cancel button).

  • The Path box shows the location of your Startup folder. Copy that path and paste it in the Address area of File Explorer. Press Enter and you'll open the Startup folder.

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