• Natalie Lawrence

Where to save a Macro-Enabled MS Word Template (PC)

There are two ways of saving a macro-enabled Word template. The video above shows the standard way, which is to save it in a PC's Custom Office Template's folder.

You can save a template anywhere, however unless it has been marked as a Trusted Folder or Location, every time you open the template or a copy, the Enable Macros button appears*.

The video below shows how to make an existing folder a Trusted Location, so any macro-enabled templates in that folder are essentially "approved" and the Enable Macros button will no longer appear.

* The Enable Macros button causes another problem. After opening a copy, if you click that button and then save your file, any custom buttons embedded in the template appears in the copy and can appear twice. This shouldn't happen.

Why is this a problem? Apart from the duplication, if a user who doesn't have the original template clicks on the buttons, an error message appears. It looks like they can use the custom buttons, but they can't.

That's because the code associated with the custom buttons are held in the template, not the copies.

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