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The Design team was asked to provide new designs for Fitch Ratings Special and Full Ratings Reports, with the following objectives - they had to look well-designed, they had to be easy to use and they had to be in Microsoft Word.

As Fitch Ratings has hundreds of analysts who use these templates, it was important to make them usable for them in producing their reports. 

I learned how to write code to create macros and code to create custom ribbons
and successfully added commands and ribbons that suited the analysts’ and editors’ needs.


These included: 

  • Changing and resizing an image to fit the front cover 

  • Pasting in a chart as a picture 

  • Inserting and deleting landscape page sections in a portrait document 

  • Automatically formatting and resizing headers and footers in a
    landscape section


View the videos below to see how the custom features worked in the templates. 

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