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The Design team had created templates in Adobe InDesign, which needed to be converted into Microsoft PowerPoint templates that analysts could easily use.

The usual elements of a PowerPoint template - colour and font scheme, slide master and slide layouts - were included. 

There was a particular issue with slide layouts including image placeholders. 
If a slide layout has an image placeholder with text and objects on top of it, in Normal view, the image placeholder is placed on top, instead of the bottom, so an overlapping text or objects are hidden.


I used the Merge Shapes command to cut out shapes in the image placeholder and place any text or objects in the opening. That gave the slide layout the appearance of overlapping text and shapes, but gave the user the ability to change images in the image placeholder as normal.


The old Fitch Ratings templates had custom macros and a ribbon attached and needed to be replaced. I wrote the code for the macros and ribbon so that some of the existing commands could be kept. I also added dropdown menus so users could open a template for the right entity within the Fitch Group, and at the size they wanted.


The video below shows the look of one of the templates and how a few of the macros work.

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