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Fix text styles so that they had the correct formatting settings for legal documents.


Numbered lists would continue their numbering from the previous list, usually at times when the user didn't want this. The Regional Law Revision Centre wanted a macro where the user could press a button and Microsoft Word would go through the document and restart lists at the top level (e.g. at 1 or a) itself.


Whilst changing the formatting settings of text styles is standard practice when creating a template, the second issue - a numbered list continuing from a previous one (e.g. if the preceding list ends at 3, an entirely separate list elsewhere in the document starts at 4) - was more of a challenge.

The user wanted to use custom text styles to apply the various numbered lists, in whatever order they felt necessary. This required setting up multilevel numbered lists in a way that would enable the macros to search for each style, then either determine for itself that a numbered item should or shouldn't be restarted, or ask the user if they wanted to restart a selected numbered item.

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